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Bison_Flex by Eric Obermuhlner
Bison and Flex
Introduction, Code example
Bourne_Shell_Tricks by Eric Obermuhlner
Bourne shell
Tips and Tricks, Code examples
CGI_Applications by Eric Obermuhlner
CGI Applications
Introduction, Tips and Tricks in Perl, no CGI module
Corba by Andreas Gieriet
CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Introduction, Glossary
Emacs_Tricks by Andreas Gieriet, Enrico Biondi, Eric Obermuhlner
Emacs Tips and Tricks
Useful hints from daily working experience
Flash4 by Enrico Biondi
Flash 4
MFC by Enrico Biondi
Introduction, Tutorial
OO_Perl by Andreas Gieriet
Object Oriented Perl Programming
Basic concepts
OpAmps by Enrico Biondi
Patterns_Bridge_etc by Eric Obermuhlner
Patterns: Bridge, Composite, ...
Revision_Control by Eric Obermuhlner
Revision Control
Introduction, Comparison RCS/SCCS
STL_Experiences by Andreas Gieriet
C++ Standard Template Library
Report of using C++ STL for the first time
SocketsIntro by Eric Obermuhlner
Sockets Introduction
Basics, Pseudo Code
Unix_Filesystem_Basics by Paul Chown
Unix Filesystems
VRML by Eric Obermuhlner
VRML - An Mini - Introduction
Simple introduction, Reference
Vectors_Matrices by Andreas Gieriet
Basics of Vectors and Matrices
(with focus on graphic programming)

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